Seeing the unseen mind

3D-printed neurons on display.

Neuron art

This piece of 3D printed scientific art was exhibited at the Re:Generate art show at the Grove, August 15 - September 20, 2014. A virtual version was presented at Sococo's first art show on September 20, 2014 and remains available to view here. Photo by Alyson Heimer.

The process of generating the 3D reconstructions is described in McDougal and Shepherd (2015), and has been summarized in the blogosphere. I have shared many 3D-printable models on 3DModelDB.

FERP Photo Contest

Web app and administration for annual photocontest.

FERP Photo Contest 2016

The Friends of East Rock Park has an annual* photo contest. I designed the web app that has been used for voting and have ran the voting since 2013.

Winners: 2016, 2014, 2013.

* There was no photo contest in 2015 because it was rescheduled from mid Autumn to mid Winter.

New Haven Crime Map

Interactive visualization of police logs from 2012 by time of day.

New Haven Crime Map 2012

At the request of then city Alder Doug Hausladen, I built a web app for visualizing New Haven's 2012 police logs by location and time of day. The map does not necessarily reflect criminal activity. Powered by Leaflet. Police data via DataHaven. Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors. Tiles Courtesy of MapQuest .

1000 Cranes

A combinatorics puzzle.

Crane problem

Suppose you have 1000 origami cranes in ten colors (100 each) that you want to arrange on 100 strings in a way such that:

  • Each string has 10 cranes with no colors repeated.
  • No color patterns of length 4 or more found in one string appear in any other string.
  • Exactly ten strings end with a red crane, exactly ten with a dark blue, etc...
Can it be done? Yes, and in many ways. This is my web app for that.